A Tool for Those Who Need Information and Help With Immigration Issues

RichardZorza-150wideBy Richard Zorza — Those of us who live in retirement communities are acutely aware that we rely for our day-to-day care on many who must feel these days that their link to this society is more tenuous than they had believed. In particular, while they themselves are likely not to be at direct risk, many have family and friends whose lives are suddenly much more uncertain.  The voice of Emma Lazarus must seem faint indeed.

So it seems appropriate, without necessarily making any political judgment, to share the information that the Immigration Action Network  and Pro Bono Net, an organization that develops online tools for access to justice (and which, incidentally, I helped found 20 years ago), have just launched a major new online tool to help those facing immigration issues. It is obviously overwhelmingly timely. Here is some of the announcement:

Hi all – We just launched an ambitious new platform called immi (English: www.immi.org,  Spanish: www.immi.org/es ( https://www.immi.org ) ) to help immigrants understand their legal options, find legal help and protect their future.

Immi includes an in-depth online screening tool with individualized results for family-based immigration, asylum, TPS/DED (Temporary Protected Status/ Deferred Enforced Departure ), SIJS (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status), U/T visas (Domestic Violence), VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals) and more, as well as know your rights resources and a search tool to help immigrants find local nonprofit legal assistance.

Please explore, blog, link to, and help us get the word out using our simple social sharing tools: https://www.immi.org/info/share.html.

I would urge everyone to treat this as a personal sharing opportunity to anyone it might help, or anyone who might know of someone it could help.