The mission of Collington is to maintain a secure, stimulating, supportive, and compassionate community of diverse, older people, within a healthy environment that fosters independence and dignity for all.


“We believe that people in their late years:

  • Can be secure in their surroundings;
  • Can be free from the fear of dependency;
  • Can be independent, creative, and self-fulfilled as long as it is given them to be; and
  • Have purpose and dignity in life and at its end.

We further believe that comfortable living accommodations and a supportive network in a caring community are fundamental to health, happiness and security. Therefore, the Board of Directors of Collington Life Care Community will:

  • Welcome older people of all races and religions, within the broadest possible range of financial means;
  • Provide a physically and emotionally secure environment offering the widest range of services for their varying needs – social, intellectual, medical and spiritual;
  • Deliver these services attractively and efficiently in a campus-style setting;and
  • Develop relationships among residents and staff characterized by mutual respect, consideration, trust and honesty.