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Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Collington allows residents to enjoy the beauty of Collington, the comfort of familiar surroundings and the pleasure of great friends, even as their needs change.

The Creighton Center

Our award winning on-site assisted living center offers the highest quality assisted living services tailored to each individual’s specific needs. The Creighton Center has two neighborhoods dedicated to different levels of Assisted Living, The Brandywine and The Potomac.

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The Creighton Center offers its residents a full array of amenities:

  1. Programs including social/recreation and fitness/wellness
  2. Services including:
    1. Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy Services
    2. Physician/Nurse care services
    3. Medication services
    4. Housekeeping services
    5. Medical Appointment scheduling and shuttle transportation
  3. Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks
  4. Utilities included:
    1. Phone
    2. Internet
    3. Cable services
michelle mckenzie assisted living manager

Meet Michelle McKenzie: Assisted Living Manager

How many of us truly love our jobs? I mean really, genuinely are passionate about the work we do? Well Michelle McKenzie is without a doubt one of those people. Michelle has been the Assisted Living Manager at Collington for over 10 years and has worked at Collington for 16! You might ask what makes Michelle so successful in her roles at Collington and for her the answer is simple, “The residents are like family!”

Schedule An Assisted Living Tour

Join us for a visit to explore our assisted living facility on our bucolic campus with 125-acres of walking trails, a lake, hilltop garden, amenities, and more.