Collington's accredited arboretum


A Moral Obligation

Like never before, we are witnessing first-hand the effects of climate change and the threat our carbon footprint has imprinted upon our precious planet.

Yet, well before such dramatic evidence began to emerge, our Quaker forebears understood human beings’ responsibility to act as stewards of the earth. We alone are charged with protecting and preserving our world, not only for ourselves, but for future generations to come.

At Collington, the Quaker-inspired call to engage in practices and initiatives that sustain and improve the environment is a moral obligation we are committed to fulfilling as a community with purpose and power for collective change.

resident charges electric car

Green Initiatives

A Community in Action

United in the greater Kendal commitment to prioritize the fragile state of the environment, Collington residents and staff take everyday steps and broader strides alike on the path to carbon neutrality.

Conceived and driven by management and resident committees, Collington’s Sustainability Plan consists of more than 30 initiatives in the areas of recycling, green energy, reusable resources, landscaping, composting, eco-friendly vegetation and more.

Most recently, residents led the way to the installation of three new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for climate-conscious drivers, and a plan is underway to transition Collington’s own vehicle fleet to electric engines.

Everyday Green Living

Resident-Driven Sustainability at Collington

Collington residents embrace sustainability through a multitude of actions in their daily lives. Explore this diverse list and discover how even small steps can create a significant impact on our environment.

Other Collington sustainability measures include:

  • Resident-led Climate Action Committee
  • Reduction of petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Campus-wide recycling programs
  • Entire 125-acre Collington campus is an accredited arboretum
  • LED lights in community walkways
  • Exploring suitable sites on campus for solar panels
  • Campus Net Zero plan in development
  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Energy monitoring
  • Energy audit plan
  • Plan to replace gas-powered landscaping tools with electric equipment
  • Resident composting and compostable paper products for select food items
  • Beekeeping
  • Local gardens and sustainable food projects
  • Water conservation plan
  • Reusable food container program and culinary measurement program to prevent food waste
  • Resale shop for resident-donated items
  • Guided walks through Collington Arboretum
  • Continuing education and action programs on sustainability
resident gardening

Residents Champion Sustainability Through SSAFE

Collington residents also join Kendal affiliates across the country in the mission of SSAFE (Senior Stewards Acting for the Environment), a non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating global warming by sharing residents’ combined experience, knowledge, resources and talents.

In 2023, SSAFE established the “Mike Burke Annual Award for Excellence in Advocacy” in honor of the late Collington resident, whose environmental activism provided an outstanding example for others.

Beyond the Collington community, membership in SSAFE is free and open to all residents of Kendal affiliates. Even if you are not a Kendal resident, you can still take part in SSAFE Action Alerts, subscribe to the quarterly newsletter or make a needed and appreciated donation.

Join Us in Our Mission

As sustainability is woven into the very fabric of the Collington culture, simply living here is a step toward environmental action. But even for those who are not yet residents, there are myriad ways to become intentionally involved in the fight against climate change.

A good first step is to schedule a tour. Even if you’re not planning a move anytime soon, a visit to our beautifully wooded campus, guided by a member of our friendly staff, will give you the most comprehensive view of what it means to put passion for planet Earth into tangible action.