Lifelong Learning

Your Key to Successful Aging

For nearly 30 years, Collington has had a special partnership with Prince George’s Community College, located about 2 miles from the campus. Residents can participate in the SAGE program (Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally) through the college. It’s a great way to explore a new topic, or expand your knowledge in a favorite area of interest. In fact, you’ll find Collington is a community of individuals who thrive on learning, embrace diversity and love to socialize, making it easy to feel part of the neighborhood.

Through this unique partnership, Collington residents can take as many college courses as they choose for the full college year at a nominal fee ($75 per semester). Included in the fee each semester, residents can participate in classes at other locations off Collington’s campus. The College’s Lifelong Learning Program even offers some courses taught right here at Collington including:

  • Literature
  • World History
  • Art Appreciation
  • Exercise and Balance
  • Tai Chi
  • Studio Fine Art
  • Therapeutic Aquatic Exercise
  • Autobiographical Writing

Every year or so, new instructors are recruited to teach new classes on campus. Geriatric Nursing Assistant students from Prince George’s Community College have an opportunity for clinical experience at Collington in both the Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Neighborhoods. Collington and the University of Maryland School of Music have collaborated to create and execute a two year in-residence program for graduate students from the university. Room and board are provided for two graduate students who in turn teach music theory, interact and perform with and for Collington residents. A pianist along with a clarinetist will live in a cottage or apartment respectively.

In the past, Collington residents participated in A Balance Study, coordinated by the University of Maryland Kinesiology Department. 10 residents were chosen to participate in the study to find the correlation between walking sessions/exercise and balance. Many of residents have contacts at the University of Maryland, and Collington is always exploring ways to bring instructors on campus for lectures, and/or transport residents to the college to attend courses.