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Welcoming Diversity

One Community, Many Faces

Nowhere in the country, or perhaps even the world, is diversity more celebrated than in Washington, D.C. Our nation’s capital epitomizes the multiplicity of humanity that is the “melting pot” upon which the American character was built.

Just a few short miles to the east, we at Collington embody that same spirit of acceptance, united rather than divided by what sets us apart as individuals. In fact, the founders of Collington specifically intended for our community to be structured from a variety of perspectives – economic, professional, spiritual, ethnic and more. By actual design, we welcome diversity.

Like all Kendal affiliates, Collington is deeply rooted in in the Quaker values of diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) for all people. These principled pioneers understood that only when persons from all walks of life come together in mutual trust and affirmation, safe and free to be their genuine selves, will they experience true community.

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DEIB Initiatives

Demonstrating Diversity

A wise person once said, “Empathy is nice, but it’s no substitute for action.”

At Collington, diversity is not just a “buzzword” – it is a call to embrace each unique individual through what we do, not just what we say. From residents to staff, board members, vendors and volunteers, our entire community exemplifies the fundamental Quaker belief that all people are of sacred value and worth.  

Even before they move in, residents are inspired by Collington’s commitment to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of who they are, where they come from, what they believe, whom they love, how they identify or what distinguishing characteristics or experiences they possess. This matters greatly to residents because many have spent their lives and careers championing both the benevolent and practical advantages of a heterogeneous society.

Here are some examples of Collington’s commitment to DEIB:

  • Uniquely broad representation of race, national and cultural origin among residents and staff
  • LGBTQ+ residents welcome and encouraged
  • Various resident-led interfaith worship service opportunities
  • Recognition of holidays and observances celebrating diverse individuals, groups, events, achievements and movements throughout history and across the globe
  • Intentionally varied selection of vendors, suppliers and business associates
  • Partnerships with organizations in the greater Mitchellville area, through which residents can use their assorted experiences, skills, knowledge and passions for the collective good
  • New discoveries in lifelong learning through SAGE (Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally) at nearby Prince George’s Community College
  • Rich relationships with Artists-in-Residence from around the world (University of Maryland College of Music students awarded room and board at Collington)
  • Highlighting residents’ distinct backgrounds, experiences and perspectives
  • Geographic diversity; many residents come from other states and countries
  • Economic diversity, accommodated by a range of entrance fees and cottage/apartment sizes


Valuing Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

This commitment flows from Kendal’s Quaker roots and Values & Practices. Kendal affiliates have a shared believe that a spirit of inclusion and a culture of diversity enrich and strengthen our workplaces, people and services.

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Come See for Yourself

Witness diversity in action at Collington by visiting the community. Tour the 125-acre campus (an accredited arboretum) and take the opportunity to meet warm, welcoming residents and staff. You’ll feel right at home – because you are!