Dorothy and James Yuan

James and Dorothy

Born and living through difficult political times in China, the Yuans and their families finally arrived in the US. The couple met as graduate students, moved to Dallas where James worked for Texas Instruments, and Dorothy became a scientist and professor at the University of Texas Medical Center. 

The Yuans wanted to retire where they could hike and enjoy nature and be near both cultural attractions and their family. At Collington, Dorothy has joined the Library Committee, runs a book club, and works a shift at the Country Store. She occasionally volunteers at the Smithsonian. James attends the Garden Committee and grows Chinese vegetables in the Hilltop Garden, many of which he shares with their neighbors.  

“We are enjoying the friendship of so many well-traveled and open-minded seniors. Lively conversation at the dinner table moves the days easily.” James 

“We have never regretted our move. We most appreciate the ease of making new friends and being able to participate with the gardens.” Dorothy