Intergenerational Webcast Involves Over 2,000 Participants

Daylong discussions among more than 2,000 participants ages 15 to 95 took place in person and online during Kendal’s May 28 webcast leading up to July’s White House Conference on Aging. We are now in the process of pulling together the recommendations that emerged from those conversations, along with an archive of the daylong webcast, for submission to the 2015 White House Conference on Aging.
There are now links on the Program page of the Kendal-WHYY “Deepening the conversation on aging” website to the May 28 webcast. A two-part online event archive was posted June 4 on the website in response to the many requests that started to come in even before we adjourned.
Please note that the audio at the beginning of the “Live from WHYY in Philadelphia” video is a little rough, but it clears up after about 30 seconds. The special “Welcome” video from Nora Super, Executive Director of the 2015 White Conference on Aging, is posted in a separate window at the top of the Program page. LeadingAge has published a story about the event online. You can see that story by clicking HERE.
There were nearly 200 unique logins during the live event, representing close to 2,000 attendees! This is derived from the record of those logging in and a brief survey posted during the event