NY Times article spotlights Collington’s Artists in Residence Program

June 6, 2018—A June 5 New York Times feature article cites the Artists in Residence Program at Collington as an innovative example of a mutually beneficial program bringing generations together. Since August, University of Maryland music graduate students Samantha Flores and Matthew Rynes have been living at Collington, where they receive free room and board in exchange for performing regularly and organizing concerts and educational programs for residents.

Titled “Fostering Connections Between Young and Old,” the article notes that: “Marilyn Haskel, a 72-year-old resident of Collington involved in selecting the students, said the young people often invited fellow music students to practice on the grounds, resulting in pop-up concerts. With no family nearby, Ms. Haskel said, ‘it was delightful for me to sit down and have conversations about their careers and what they’re planning.’”

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