Collington clock tower

Joyce and Carl Koch

Collington’s Resident Foodies

It’s a brisk fall morning, Joyce Koch is about to embark on a much anticipated, scenic walk through the Collington trails when her husband, Carl gets a phone call. A fellow resident is on the other end asking Carl for his expertise in restaurant recommendations, something Carl has been known for throughout the Collington community. It is not uncommon for the Koch’s phone to ring with these types of requests. Carl has been publishing top notch restaurant reviews in the Collingtonian (A monthly Publication of the Collington Residents association) since December 2014. Joyce is proud of her husband’s passion for food. “Even friends who are not quite as mobile are still interested in Carl’s dining reviews in the Collingtonian, even if they cannot experience themselves” exclaims Joyce. The residents of Collington have even given the Koch’s a title of “Resident Foodies” for their knowledge of coveted establishments throughout the area. Life is too short to NOT appreciate fine cuisine, and we are graced with a plethora of superior restaurants within 10 miles of our beloved Collington campus. The delicacies a great meal offers are paramount to what makes one’s life complete.

Joyce and Carl Koch

Some might be thinking, what are the requirements to be a Foodie? What is a “foodie” anyway? Doesn’t everyone think they recognize when a fine delicacy graces his or her palate on a daily basis? Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks are really good, but let’s be real. There are good crab cakes and there are GREAT crab cakes. Sometimes it takes a real foodie, like the Koch’s, to help make our palette’s decision. The response and interaction with the restaurant reviews from Carl reveal Collington’s true sense of community which is one of the many reasons the Koch’s love Collington.

While Carl is busy writing restaurant reviews and other various pieces for the Collingtonian, Joyce helps at the Country Store. She also participates on the Board of Directors for the Collington Foundation, a Philanthropy arm of Collington responsible for many things such as the Scholarship fund – supporting young servers and nurses who want to attend school as well as residents of Collington that need some financial assistance. Before moving to Collington, Joyce was a lifelong Labor & Delivery Nurse. She is currently an active participant in a Labor and Delivery Lecture Circuit. Carl has held positions as a Paleontologist, Electronics and Mathematics Teacher, as well as holding a position working on the Missile System in Columbia, Maryland.

When asked why the Koch’s chose Collington, Carl responded, “location, location, location.” Having lived in the area his whole life, Carl already knew of Collington. “Gorgeous walking trail for Joyce’s walks”, he says. The couple shared that Collington has taken away the concern of “what if” knowing that no matter what happens, they are safe and have enjoyed every minute since moving in. They moved in (5) years ago and refer to Collington “the best decision that they have ever made.” The people make Collington what is is. They are friends and family now.
Carl’s restaurant guide can be found here.