Go Collington! 4 Benches in 2 Years 

By Dorothy Yuan, Collington, a Kendal Affiliate 

resident sitting on TREX bench

Plastic film—the kind used in packaging and often labeled #2 or #4—is not accepted in most single-stream recycling programs. However, it can be recycled through TREX®, the largest polyethylene film recycler in the United States. The company collects plastic from many grocery stores nationwide and makes them into composite decking, benches, and other items. As an incentive, TREX® has issued a challenge to communities. If they collect 1,000 pounds of plastics (previously 500 pounds) in a one-year period, they will be awarded one bench. 

For the past two years, Collington residents have risen to the TREX® challenge. For every 500 pounds of plastics we collected and transported to our local grocery store, we have received a solid, high-quality bench made from the soft plastic. So far, we have received four benches, placed in locations determined by the residents. Whether as seating for a group gathering or for bird watching in the woods, the TREX® benches have been a beautiful addition to our campus.