Happy Holidays!

We want to wish you happy holidays and a happy new year from Collington, A Kendal Affiliate! Enjoy the time spent with those near and dear!

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Location is Everything at our Retirement Community

Our location is prime- we are close to three major cities with a lot of history and activities to keep our retirement community involved and active!

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Happy New Year from our Senior Living Community!

New year, new beginnings! Happy New Year from our community to you. We look forward to the upcoming year and welcome you to Collington, A Kendal Affiliate!

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Holiday Open House at Collington, A Kendal Affiliate

For our Holiday Open House event, we'll have good food, beverages, carriage rides, and caroling from 1-3PM on December 5th, 2017. Holiday fun!

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for your Senior Living Community

A 2017 Gift Guide for the Holidays for your Senior Living Community- here is a list of great gifts for the special people in your life for the holiday season.

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Veteran's Day: Honoring Those In & Out of Senior Living Communities

Veterans Day represents heroism and the love of ones country. We honor those, both in our senior living community and out, who defended United States citizens.

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Thanksgiving: What Does It Mean in Our Senior Living Community?

Thanksgiving is more than just a meal with family and friends. It's about being thankful for loved ones, good health, along with other blessings in life.

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Thanksgiving DIY Crafts for Senior Living Communities

Thanksgiving DIY crafts can be perfect to prepare your home for the holiday. It can be fun, easy, and at low cost to make your home beautiful and festive.

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12 Days of Christmas Treats for your Senior Living Community

For the holiday season, we have a whole list of treats and cookies for your senior living community or even just make to get in the holiday spirit!

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