Happy New Year from our Senior Living Community!

New year, new beginnings! Happy New Year from our community to you. We look forward to the upcoming year and welcome you to Collington, A Kendal Affiliate!

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Senior Living Made Easy!  Fun Activities for Retirees...

In senior living, there is more time to participate in new activities. From gardening to making pottery, new and fun activities are a good way to spend time.

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Dining In Senior Living Communities Is Not What It Used To Be

Dining in Senior Living Communities is not what is used to be. Check out how this community is changing the way seniors eat

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Best Things to Do this October in Washington, D.C.

Check out this list of the best things to do this October in Washington D.C.

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Valentine’s Day Recipes Good for the Heart

This Valentine's Day, take care of your heart with healthy heart recipes. With recipes good for the heart, you can stay heart healthy and healthy in general.

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9 Financial Tips To Make Senior Living A Reality

Learn financial tips and strategies for senior living and adult living communities. Retirement living the way you want it to be...

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9 Best Foods to Boost Brain Power and Memory for Seniors

Check Out These Recommended Foods that Help Boost Brain Power and Memory in Seniors!

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for your Senior Living Community

A 2017 Gift Guide for the Holidays for your Senior Living Community- here is a list of great gifts for the special people in your life for the holiday season.

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9 Comfort Food Recipes Your Grandchildren Will Love

Here are 9 comfort food recipes that your grandchildren will love when they visit!

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