Happy International Women's Day From Our Senior Living Community!

Happy International Women's Day! This day represents empowerment, diversity, strength, and much more. We always strive for a better tomorrow in our senior living community.

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Dining In Senior Living Communities Is Not What It Used To Be

Dining in Senior Living Communities is not what is used to be. Check out how this community is changing the way seniors eat

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8 Supermarkets in Washington D.C. for Healthy Living

The key to healthy living starts in the kitchen. Check out these 8 supermarkets in Washington D.C. that will help lead the way for a new healthy lifestyle.

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Location is Everything at our Retirement Community

Our location is prime- we are close to three major cities with a lot of history and activities to keep our retirement community involved and active!

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5 Reasons Why Having a Dog Can Improve Your Senior Health

Check Out These 5 Reasons For Why Having A Dog Can Improve Your Senior Health!

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10 Essential Pantry Items To Improve Senior Health

Here are the 10 Essential Pantry Items to Encourage Better Senior Health

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7 Lifestyle Changes To Expect When Choosing A Senior Living Community

Lifestyle changes to expect when choosing a senior living community. Enjoy Better Care, More Space, Diversity and more at Collington, A Kendal Affiliate

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summa soup

Healthy Summer Recipes - Quick and Easy Soup

Here is one of our favorite summer recipes - quick and easy instant pot soup!

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The Grand Opening of the Landing at our Senior Living Community

This is about our culinary addition, the Landing. With great food and a large space, the Landing is another way to bring our senior living community together!

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