LifeCare Advantage

Frances Kolarek-150 wideBy Frances Kolarek —

Alzheimer’s disease demands a very special kind of care, which Collington provides at a cost decidedly to your advantage under its LifeCare contract.

Whereas care in other special facilities for dementia patients can run as high as $9,000 to $11,000 a month, Collington’s LifeCare contract guarantees that your Independent Living monthly fee transfers over to higher levels of care in our Creighton Health Center, if and when needed.

The Arbor, an area especially designed for the care of residents with dementia, is a part of our health center within easy walking distance of any of our cottages or apartments. Frequent visits present no problem and you can bring the dog along.

As Alice R. discovered, the disease is a thief. The spouse of any victim will tell you, as the years pass their partner becomes less a familiar presence and more a shell — an empty body that once housed a beloved man or woman. Symptoms include forgetfulness, disorientation or fits of anger. The victim may not be able to find the way home after running an errand. “That’s when I feared leaving my husband alone,” Alice explains.

Knowing that she would need help, Alice moved to Collington and opted for a LifeCare contract. Following a conference including family members and professional counsel, Collington admitted Alice’s husband to The Arbor where companionship and entertainment and health care are available in a handsome setting.

As for herself, the loneliness an empty home can bring is alleviated by the loving support offered by the many friendships Alice has formed here. Volunteer activities like creating the floral arrangements that grace our public spaces and mentoring children at a neighboring school fill her time.

Peace of mind comes to her with the knowledge that her husband is safe, that he will receive the highest quality health care should the need for it arise, and that she will not be overwhelmed by the expense of a special facility. Important to her, too, is the fact that he is close by.


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