Design the Home of Your Dreams at Collington

Ever wonder how we make each and every residence at Collington feel like home?   At Collington, we include our new  resident in every step of their home design process to ensure that it fits their needs and their style, so they can feel at home from the moment they walk in their front door.

Paint Sampler

In the Collington Design Center, we work with individuals who have recently selected their new home at Collington- whether cottage, villa, or apartment. At Collington, we strive to be responsible stewards of our resources and 126-acre campus.  Thus, an assessment is done before a new resident joins our community to evaluate their particular residence and determine which features require modernization, customization, and their creative input.  After walking through their new space, together we develop a design plan.  Our residents will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of design features for their new home- from paint colors, to flooring options, to granite countertops, to modernized bathrooms with a host of convenient and safety features. We work with each incoming resident to make the space completely theirs and to make sure their new home is everything they dreamed it would be.

Different Flooring optionsAfter the design process is complete, our Move In Manager remains in close contact with each future resident to keep them updated on the progress of their home customization and to provide any emotional or logistical support they might need during the transition.

It is a joy to see the multitude of design aesthetics our residents choose for their homes. Each cottage, villa or apartment is unique and representative of the residents who call it home.  And together, that collective tapestry makes Collington unique, diverse, and . . . “home.”