5 Key Foods To Living A Longer Life

Here are five foods that are key factors in living a longer life. They can build up your immune system, improve functionality, prevent mental illness.

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The Grand Opening of the Landing at our Senior Living Community

This is about our culinary addition, the Landing. With great food and a large space, the Landing is another way to bring our senior living community together!

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10 Essential Pantry Items To Improve Senior Health

Here are the 10 Essential Pantry Items to Encourage Better Senior Health

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Thanksgiving DIY Crafts for Senior Living Communities

Thanksgiving DIY crafts can be perfect to prepare your home for the holiday. It can be fun, easy, and at low cost to make your home beautiful and festive.

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cream of crab

Lindsey Hamilton's family has been passing down handwritten recipes for over 100 years. She invites you to share your favorite fall and upcoming holiday recipes now for the September, October, November, and December Recipe of the month!

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Location is Everything at our Retirement Community

Our location is prime- we are close to three major cities with a lot of history and activities to keep our retirement community involved and active!

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11 Best Travel Destinations During Retirement

Check Out the Best Places to Travel to During Retirement!

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Check Out this delicious recipe for Coconut Custard. We invite you to submit your favorite recipes to be featured!

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Staying Healthy for Ages 60 and Up

Staying healthy and active is incredibly important for everyone but especially as we get older. This blog informs the public on a few ways to stay healthy.

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