6 Relaxing Spots To Visit For A Retiree

When you retire, think of all of the relaxing places you'll have time to visit! From California to Italy, these are the perfect places for retirees to visit.

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Staying Healthy for Ages 60 and Up

Staying healthy and active is incredibly important for everyone but especially as we get older. This blog informs the public on a few ways to stay healthy.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for your Senior Living Community

A 2017 Gift Guide for the Holidays for your Senior Living Community- here is a list of great gifts for the special people in your life for the holiday season.

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cream of crab

Lindsey Hamilton's family has been passing down handwritten recipes for over 100 years. She invites you to share your favorite fall and upcoming holiday recipes now for the September, October, November, and December Recipe of the month!

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Active Residents in our Senior Living Community

Our senior living community is full of active residents who have created a website of their own, bringing our community closer together with useful information.

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Valentine’s Day Recipes Good for the Heart

This Valentine's Day, take care of your heart with healthy heart recipes. With recipes good for the heart, you can stay heart healthy and healthy in general.

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Simplifying Social Media for Seniors - Instagram Edition

Here are some tips on how to simplify social media for seniors - Instagram Edition.

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Thanksgiving DIY Crafts for Senior Living Communities

Thanksgiving DIY crafts can be perfect to prepare your home for the holiday. It can be fun, easy, and at low cost to make your home beautiful and festive.

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Thanksgiving: What Does It Mean in Our Senior Living Community?

Thanksgiving is more than just a meal with family and friends. It's about being thankful for loved ones, good health, along with other blessings in life.

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