Managing Your Money in Retirement

The shift to managing your money in retirement is completely different from the way you learned to manage money during your working years.

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Why Senior Living Communities are Better Than Living Alone

Check out these reasons why senior living communities are better than living alone.

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How to Prepare an Introvert for Senior Living

Most senior living communities are very social environments which can be exciting for some but for the more introverted individual, it can be overwhelming

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5 Best Low Maintenance Houseplants

While we’re all staying inside to keep ourselves and others safe, it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your home with colorful flowers and plants.

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What to Look For in a Senior Rehab Facility

If your loved one has recently had a surgery it is likely that they will need to recover in a rehab center. But what do will these rehab centers offer?

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4 Simple Eye Exercises to Prevent Vision Loss

We all understand how important it is to maintain our vision as we age but did you know there are simple eye exercise you can do as well?

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How to Maintain a Sharp and Healthy Mind

Explore these helpful tips for how to maintain a sharp and healthy mind

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Tech Tips: How to Video Chat

Phone calls and text messages are great, but nothing beats being able to see your friends or family members right on your screen.

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What to Do in Nearby Washington D.C. this February

Cooped up in the house? Check out these activities happening this February in Washington D.C.

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