Artists in Residence During COVID

From September to February:


Concerts and Lecture Recitals




Programs were in the Creighton Center

And the highlight from that first half of the residency was certainly our Resident Collaboration concert on February 19 which was Ieseul’s brainchild!

After the pandemic hit, I started the virtual music broadcast series which included a total of 46 events broken down as follows:

  • 9 solo clarinet concerts
  • 9 collaborative clarinet concerts with piano or voice
  • 7 presentations, lectures, or composer collaboration concert/interviews
  • 10 listening parties with themed playlists and oral program notes
  • 11 facilitated events featuring guest presenters/performers

Quotes from resident

Our resident discussion group is FULL of praise and joy over last night’s performance. I know I left feeling happier than I can recall in several years. To see you young folks enjoying and encouraging the more ‘mature’ musicians among us was just inspiring. What a wonderful idea the collaboration was. Could you feel the happiness in the room? As people walked home, the chatter was so full of praise for each performer and many words of praise for the two of you involving yourselves so deeply in our lives.

What a good job you two did in working with the resident performers at the concert last night. It was a wonderful evening for those of us in the audience and we were truly impressed with not only your musical prowess which for both of you is considerable, but also the thoughtful and skillful ways in which you interacted with the resident performers. Thank you so much.

Last night’s concert, featuring both the Univ. MD music students and residents together singing and playing piano, clarinet, and flute (plus dancing) was an outstanding event, The interactions between the students and resident performers was such a pleasure to behold. Much appreciation and gratitude to all who participated.