Maryland Dashboard

• Dr. Khalil remains available Tuesdays and Thursdays for telehealth visits 

• Dr. Hennawi will be on site Wednesdays and Fridays for visits. 

• Physicians are on-call 24/7-security and nursing have the on-call list. 

• Please call extension 2020 if you need to reach the on-call physician.

Confirmed Cases:  67,559–Last 24 hours +305

Confirmed deaths: 3,062

Currently Hospitalized: 452–Last 24 hours 5

Prince George’s County: 18,572 —

Confirmed deaths:  658

Prince George’s COVID-19 Dashboard

• New Cases for Week of 6/14 –6/20:  612 —26.7% change

• Deaths for Week of 6/14 –6/20:  17 —41.4% change

Collington Dashboard

July 1, 2020 Creighton Center Residents Independent Living Residents Employees
Current Persons Under    Investigation (PUIs)-those showing symptoms consistent with COVID 000
Active Positive Cases 000
Total Positive Cases During Pandemic (Cumulative)  11213
Total Reported Negative Tests During Pandemic 65332222
Released/ Recovered from COVID 62/Apartment13
Deaths with COVID 500

On Going Testing

  • We are working with Maryland Department of Health on the new requirement for weekly testing of team members and vendors.
  • The lab selected for us was the same lab that we used during the National Guard testing.
  • If you have a private duty aide (PDAs), change or hire a new one,  please let Phoebe Graham, Social Worker know ASAP so that she can ensure our list remains current. PDAs within the Creighton Center will be included in testing. Testing of Independent Living PDAs TBD. 
  • We anticipate the testing to begin next week; more details soon. 

Phased Reopening

On Campus Visitors (Phase 1)

• Beginning Wednesday, July 1st, external visitors for outdoor visits were welcomed back to campusfor Independent Living and Assisted Living residents. 

• Visits should be scheduled 72 hours in advance and will occur Monday-Friday. 

• Visitors will be screened as they arrive on campus.

• For more information please see this week’s Courier.

Phased Reopening (Phase 1)

IT/ Comcast • Vendors may return to campus.
• Masks must be worn at all times.
Ecolab • Vendor may return to campus.
• Masks must be worn at all times.
• Visits in IL homes will be scheduled in advance when able.
972 Auditorium Presentations • Residents may return to the auditorium to utilize the broadcast equipment.
• Masks must be worn at all times.
• No more than 2 residents presenting at a time.
• No residents in the audience to watch broadcast.
• Residents should maintain 6 feet distance in between each other.
Glass cases • Services may return to the Clock Tower area and outside of the Billiards Room.
• No changes to glass casings in the Creighton Center at this time.
• Interactions should be minimized.
• All items should be disinfected before putting them in the cases.

Thank You Residents!