COVID-19 Update

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Collington COVID-19 Update

Friday, June 5, 2020

Update on Testing at Collington 

  • Thank you to residents who participated in the COVID-19 testing yesterday and today. Thank you also to the Collington team members and nurses who helped make testing days a success. 
  • Results began coming in on Thursday afternoon and we anticipate receiving results through Saturday. All results were given verbally.
  • Copies of your test results will be sealed in envelopes and placed in your mailboxes. 
  • Out of 379 Independent Living residents, 290 residents participated in testing. Meaning 77% of residents were tested.
  • We are still awaiting 11 test results.
  • Three persons have been notified that they are not positive for COVID-19 but were positive for another type of infection that the test was able to indicate. 
  • The lab said that we are “by far the healthiest group of Independent Living residents we’ve ever seen.”

Phase Reopening

Collington will begin a phase reopening plan. For Collington to progress thorugh the Phased Recovery Plan, the following criteria must be met: 

  • State of Maryland – Stay at Home Order or other state mandates set by the Governor
  • Prince George’s County – Stay at Home Order or other county mandates 
  • Maryland Department of Health’s Office of Health Care Quality (MD DOH OHCQ) Regulations
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Infection rates and active cases 

As operating committees begin to resume, Collington leadership and team members will be working closely with each operating committee to begin implementing the reopening plans for the following areas, ensuring that each follow the above mentioned requirements as well as guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), our physician partner Dr. Hennawi of MedStar Center for Successful Aging, and any other state required mandates, policies, or procedures implementations. 

PHASE 2 – EFFECTIVE Post IL Testing Results

Campus Visitation Independent Living remains closed to external visitors.
Main Dining Room (To commence after operational planning with Culinary Committee) Open for carry out service. 6-feet spacing in lines. Outside dining in the Courtyard open by reservation, weather permitting- call Culinary at ext. 2135.  Tables will be limited to 6 person settings and will be placed 6 feet apart; no wait staff but bussing will be available.  Tables will be disinfected in between guests.
Catering Service Only for birthdays and memorials and only within state guidelines for numbers of participants – Call Culinary at ext. 4771.
Housekeeping  Normal housekeeping schedule to resume. Housekeeping staff to wear face masks.
Off Campus Curbside Pickups Security passes are no longer required. Curbside pickup and drop off only. (Ex. Drive through pharmacy, drive through groomers, curbside grocery pickup, etc.)
Library Working on reopening plans Will be similar to the Country Store pickup method.
External Salons Asking residents to consider self-isolating if utilizing. Residents should ensure salons are following proper safety procedures which include arriving and waiting in your car and not in a waiting area, both client and provider wearing a mask, client is required to wash hands upon arrival, limited number of clients in salon and all stations are 6 feet apart, service provider should be wearing gloves. 

Maryland Outbreak Data

For additional information on COVID statistics, please visit:

Confirmed Cases in the state of Maryland: 56,770 –Last 24 hours +912

Total cases/Prince George’s County: 16,169 —deaths 563

Ann Gillespie, CEO

Megan Barbour, COO