Covid-19 Update

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Collington COVID-19 Update

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Dear Community,

We are going to make a change to our communications schedule. Our next written and live broadcast will be Friday, June 5th at 4:30pm.

Update on Testing at Collington 

  • Thank you to residents who participated in the COVID-19 testing yesterday and today. By the end of the day Monday we had completed over 300 tests!
  • Thank you to the Collington team members and nurses who helped make testing days a success. 
  • We are hoping to receive results on Thursday. That date could be delayed based on the timing of processing as labs are extremely busy and backed up due to the increase in testing. 
  • Once we receive the results, we are planning to notify residents who are positive by phone first. We will have more information on notification process of those residents who are negative to share soon.

Maryland Outbreak Data

For additional information on COVID statistics, please visit:

Confirmed Cases in the state of Maryland: 54,175 –Last 24 hours +848

Ann Gillespie, CEO
Megan Barbour, COO

Total cases/Prince George’s County: 15,553 —deaths 528