Covid-19 Update

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Collington COVID-19 Update

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Dear Community,

We are going to make a change to our communications schedule. We will have a written and live broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Update on Testing at Collington 

  • Collington is partnering with a private laboratory to set up COVID-19 testing for Independent Living residents. 
  • Testing is not mandatory but is highly encouraged as this will help us to provide a baseline for the community.
  • Testing will be held on Monday June 1st and Tuesday June 2nd.  
  • You will need your ID and insurance card for testing.

Maryland Outbreak Data

For additional information on COVID statistics, please visit:

Confirmed Cases in the state of Maryland: 47,687 –Last 24 hours +535

Total cases/Prince George’s County: 13,819 —deaths 484

Ann Gillespie, CEO

Megan Barbour, COO