COVID-19 UPDATE 4/24/20




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Collington COVID-19 Update

Friday, April 24, 2020


Communication Schedule:

  • We will report our case data in writing via email and the RA website on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
  • We will have a 972 broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:30.

Dear Community,

As we continue along the marathon of the coronavirus pandemic, our team continues to forge ahead through this difficult time. Between staying updated on COVID-19 symptoms, real time regulatory changes, infection control and prevention methods, our team remains dedicated to the most important priority- resident and team member health, safety and wellbeing.



Today’s Data


Confirmed Cases: 14,775 –Last 24 hours +582

Confirmed Deaths: 631 —Last 24 hours: +47

Number of Negative Test Results: 61,754 –Last 24 hours: +2,303

Hospitalizations: 3,325 –Last 24 hours: +167

Released from Isolation :981–Last 24 hours: +51

Total cases/Prince George’s County: 3,875– deaths 125



Good News

But in the darkness, there is great light- and it shines brighter than ever. For some there are calls being made more often to check on a neighbor, for some they are making cloth masks for strangers, some are ensuring adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) remains available, some are on phone calls at all hours of the night with medical providers to ensure the upmost quality care is given, some are assisting Health Center residents with facetime so they can see their loved ones faces on the screens.

And then there are those that have ordered blankets for residents on Shenandoah so that they feel the warmth of love, those that have given a “virtual hug” from 6 feet away to a fellow coworker or resident so they can feel the love, those that have delivered meals in all weather to ensure they feel love through food and nourishment, those that have coordinated medical care through phone calls or telehealth, those that have ensured a thermometer, package or other supplies got delivered to a resident in need, and those that continue to develop new ways to get programs set up on 972 so that they can participate and connect from their homes for the love of programs, fitness and information.

While we can’t escape the darkness, we know that light will continue to shine all over Collington’s campus. We remain hopeful that soon the sun will rise on a day where we can hug, shake hands, dine together, walk the halls to see artwork and attend programs residents and team members side by side. Until then, Collington residents and team members continue through this as a team, as humans, and as a community.



Helpful Resources

The coronavirus pandemic is causing increased stress and anxiety for all of us. We hope that you are continuing to find ways to use the resources Collington provides and to help you stay and feel safe, connected and supported. While we may feel isolated because of social distancing, quarantining and not visiting with each other as we used to, know that we are all in this together as one community.

Every person living and working on Collington’s campus has been affected by the pandemic in some way. For some this has feelings of loneliness as we can’t see our children or grandchildren, for some this is the fear of the unknown of who may have the virus but be asymptomatic, for some this is the worry of being alone at our most vulnerable moments, and for others it’s the stress of ensuring you’ve followed all proper precautions to ensure you haven’t put those you care for at risk.


Collington Ambassadors

The Collington Ambassadors team continues to make calls and check in on residents. Please know that your ambassador is there for you to assist in answering questions, connect you to resources and to ensure you have update to date information. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to these team members and they will work to quickly get back to you. Thank you to our Collington Ambassadors for all you do!


Maryland Mental Health Association resource website

The Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD) has a ‘Coronavirus Resources” page on their mental health and aging website. This website is www.mhamd.org×150-1.jpg According to their website, as the coronavirus pandemic is causing increased stress and anxiety for all of us, the MHAMD has curated a list of resources that can help you to take care of your mental health during this difficult time. You can also receive text alerts by texting “MdReady” to 898211 to get alerts, tips, and resources related to the new coronavirus. For coronavirus phone support, you can also call 2-1-1 and then press 2 to connect with a helpline representative immediately to get additional information and resources.


The Maryland Emergency Management Agency

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency has posted the following notice: “We have received several calls regarding questions about disinfectant use and COVID-19. This is a reminder that under no circumstances should any disinfectant product be administrated into the body through injection, ingestion or any other route.”

There is a lot of sources of information about COVID-19 out there. Sometimes you might just want to debunk or confirm a rumor about COVID. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency has a part of their website dedicated to “Coronavirus Rumor Control”-you can visit it at

If you need a mask, please contact your hall or cluster leader or Ambassador. They will notify a member of the sewing team to coordinate getting one to you.

Looking for ways to stay connected while staying home? The National Council on Aging has a website with a page dedicated to this. For more information visit

Did you know there are 12 historical sites that you can virtually tour from the couch? These include the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel, the Guggenheim museum and many more. Check out this article from the Washington Post to find links to all these virtual tours.

If you are not feeling well, please let a member of the Collington team know. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms or just don’t feel well, please notify a member of the Collington team. You can do this by notifying security, a member of our Social Work team, your Ambassador, or contacting the clinic.

The MedStar Center for Successful Aging at Collington remains open for telehealth and has physicians available on call 24 hours. To reach the clinic directly, dial extension 7791. For after hours and weekends, please dial security at ext. 2020 to be connected to a nurse that can connect you with an on-call MedStar physician. We thank Dr. Hennawi and Dr. Khalil for their guidance, assistance and partnership during this pandemic.



If you are notified to go into “quarantine” within your home, we are asking that you please place a “No visitors” sign on your door to eliminate anyone from visiting. Please alert your cluster leader of your visitation restrictions. If you have a private duty aide, please suspend services during this time. We encourage you to connect with your loved ones via electronic communications (phone, video application, computer, etc.). A member of our Ambassador team will continue to reach out to you regularly. Please take your temperature daily. If you do not have a thermometer, please let your Ambassador know and we will make every attempt to get a thermometer to you. Please alert your primary care physician or MedStar Center for Successful Aging and keep them updated on your medical status. Housekeeping and facility work orders will be paused. Please contact housekeeping to schedule a trash pickup.Please contact Vern at the clocktower and advise her if you would like your mail held or if a neighbor will collect the mail and leave it at your door. We understand that self-isolation may have an overwhelming impact on your physical and psychosocial wellbeing, please reach out to your Social Worker, Phoebe Graham at Ext 4786 with any questions and for support needed.Also, please tune in to Channel 972 for community updates, resident engagement programing, resources, and ideas to keep you connected.




Country Store Update

• To reduce the lines in front of the Country store and to allow residents more time to retrieve their orders, we are extending pick up hours to 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

•If you place an order every day, please consider combining your orders to a few times a week in order to reduce stress on the country store volunteers.

•Due to the volume of orders in the country store, the volunteers may not be able to call you back to confirm your order.

• We now have banana’s available in the country store.

• The country store cannot guarantee specific sizes of products, specific brand names or anything organic. We are focused on carrying the essentials at this time.

• If you require specific products or have specific preferences that we cannot accommodate in the country store, many have shared that they are visiting as a secondary option for grocery delivery.Wegman’s will deliver your order to the security desk, where one of our team members will then deliver it to your door.


Ann Gillespie, CEO                                        Megan Barbour, COO