COVID-19 Update

Collington Dashboard

October 7, 2020 Creighton Center Residents Independent Living Residents Employees
Current Persons Under Investigation (PUIs)- those showing symptoms consistent with COVID 000
Active Positive Cases 000
Total Positive Cases During Pandemic (Cumulative) 133/Apartment
Released/ Recovered from COVID 73/Apartment 26
Deaths with COVID 600

Creighton Center Update

  • We have been working with the local and state of Maryland Health Departments around visitation for the Creighton Center.
  • It has been confirmed that we are no longer on outbreak status.
  • Maryland Department of Health has encouraged us to take a phased approach to visitation, beginning with outdoor visits.
  • We will begin outdoor visitation on Tuesday, October 13th
  • Visitation will be available for Creighton Center residents in the Chesapeake, Potomac, Brandywine and Arbor neighborhoods.
  • Residents may have two visitors at a time.

Assisted Living Visits

  • Sign-Up Genius
    • Starts Tuesday 10/13/2020
  • Email link to Contact on file
  • Separate sign ups to avoid confusion:
    • Arbor and Brandywine link
    • Potomac and Chesapeake link

Links for Sign Up Genius will emailed out as prior, you can also search for Collington’s sign up


  • In case of inclement weather we will need to cancel, please dress accordingly
  • Masks are required, 6ft social distancing, 2 visitors at a time, children under 2 will be unable to visit at this time.

Extra Security measure:

An access code is a password that users must enter before they can view
the sign up. When someone clicks the invite or link to the sign up, you
will be prompted to enter the access code before viewing the sign up.

Access code: 20721

Can also search on
Scroll to bottom of main page, click find a sign up

Search for a Sign up: creator’s email:

Click icon for Potomac/Chesapeake or Brandywine/Arbor and it will take you to main page ,after clicking it asks for the access code

Main Page , scroll down to read all the information and sign up