COVID-19 Update


Contactless Feedback

  • There will be two terminals posted outside the dining room. One will be for Housekeeping and one for Culinary.  We will place QR codes and the website address to leave feedback from any computer or mobile device in this week’s courier.
  • Residents can leave feedback at any time. 
  • Open the camera on your mobile device and aim it at the QR code.  Your device should recognize it and a prompt will pop up, which you should then click bring you to the correct website.
  • Alternatively, just type in the short web address in the URL bar on any internet application (i.e. chrome, internet explorer, etc.) 
  • Click the face that best represents your feelings on your experience and follow the prompts

Want to use your own bag?

  • Starting Monday August 24th, 2020 any resident who would like to use their own bag will be able too.
  • If residents choose to use their own bag, they will have to fill their bag as they walk through the line.  Staff will be restricted from handling your bag.
  • This is optional 

Menu Upgrades

  • Starting Monday August 24th,2020 we will roll out a biweekly alternative menu.  
  • This menu will change every two weeks and will be posted in the weekly courier
  • This menu will be call ahead and delivery only
  • Residents will follow current delivery procedures to request this menu. 
  • We will also be publishing the vegetarian menu in the weekly courier.  We have improved some of these recipes to ensure they are more nutritional
  • Increase salad bar variety 
  • Starting September 7th,2020 we will be making the following upgrades
  • We will have an in home catering menu 
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays will have specialty bar options available
  • Add an carving entrée to Saturday’s

Starting September 14th,2020 we will be serving fresh pizza from our pizza oven

  • This menu will be call ahead and delivery only 
  • Residents will follow current delivery procedures to request this menu. 
  • Pizza will be available Monday through Friday

Maryland Dashboard

Confirmed Cases:  101,649–Last 24 hours +414

Confirmed deaths: 3,522

Currently Hospitalized: 475–Last 24 hours -22

Prince George’s County: 24,949 —

Confirmed deaths:  746

Prince George’s County Dashboard

Collington Dashboard

August 19, 2020 Creighton Center Residents Independent Living Residents Employees
Current Persons Under    Investigation (PUIs)-those showing symptoms consistent with COVID 000
Active Positive Cases 002
Total Positive Cases During Pandemic (Cumulative)  11217
Released/ Recovered from COVID 62/Apartment15
Deaths with COVID 500

Creighton Center Activities Update 

With Deep Appreciation!

A Fond Farewell to Leseul and Natalie as they embark on their next adventure!

Presentations from:

  • Residents: Rita and Bud Gardiner
  • Professor Robert Dilutis, University of Maryland School of Music

Master Planning – Recap

  • Master Planning–an integrative process focused on the organization’s buildings, programs, and property. Master planning melds a focus on the campus physical plant and grounds, and market competitiveness with considerations of local land use, financial position, and environmental factors.When issues of an aging physical plant or a desire for new program options are addressed, the master plan can include analysis of renovations, repair and replacement of building systems, and the financial implications of all aspects of a project.
  • Collington’s last Master Planning process was 2012-2013


  • Strategic planning is an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure thatboard and team members as well asother stakeholdersare working toward a common vision and goals.  It establishes agreement around outcomes and results while assessing and adjusting the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment.

The Master Plan will Provide:

  • Baseline information: # Units, Amenities, Current Conditions, HSA Recommendations
  • Reflect the Market Data: Demand and Expectations, Future Residents’ Preferences, Target Markets
  • Also address: 
    • Deferred maintenance issues
    • Dated and/or undersized amenities
    • Providing enough units to respond to the market (without providing too many)
  • The Master Plan integrate solutions to all the above into one comprehensive vision for our campus.  
  • Implemented over years, to align with budgetary needs, while focusing on priorities.

Decision Making and Timing

It’s a done deal

  • Still in the planning phase; many miles to go before any shovels in the ground
  • Board next “milestone” decision is to move forward with the next phase—market testing, regulatory approvals, not a “GO decision” on construction (typically 18-24 months before construction)
  • Next week’s board meeting—assumptions and threshold questions around timing, estimates on cost of project, capital expenditures

Information Sharing

You haven’t shared information with the entire community

  • Updates at Community Meetings: September 2019-February 2020  (Reports from Gatherings 1 and 2)
  • Comprehensive written report in December 2019
  • Gathering 3 recorded and shared
  • Gatherings’ participants:
    • RA Executive Committee
    • RA Operating Committee Chairs
    • Health Services Alliance
    • Engagement Alliance
    • Collington Foundation
    • Board of Directors
    • New RA Leadership and Chairs beginning this Oct.
  • Additional Gathering to be scheduled for September 

Financial Implications

We don’t have detailed financial information

  • Financial Modeling Team is about 30% into their work
  • Gathering 3 shared very high level range of costs
  • Had to “pause” to reforecast the 2020 budget
  • Many still “unknown” factors to consider (current sales/marketing, COVID recovery, affordability)
  • Board Finance Committee serves as the group reviewing the details and making recommendations to the Board

Moving Forward

  1. Ongoing updates as they’re ready
  2. Additional (recorded) Gathering in September
  3. Report from Board Chair after next week’s meeting
  4. Ongoing Master Planning Committee meetings

End in Mind: Our Roadmap


Strategic Plan—Four Pillars + (Vision/Mission/Values)

+ Master Plan 

+ 5 Year Financial Forecast

+ Operational Improvements

+ 2021 Budget…..


Kyle Olsen Announcement

What You Plant—by H. Joseph Chadwick 1832-1903

What You Plant

You’ve planted love and friendship,

And since you planted those,

Your garden’s surely blooming

With lovely memories . . .

And life has been much brighter

For everyone you’ve known

Because of all the gladness

And happiness you’ve sown!