Covid-19 Update

Maryland Dashboard

Confirmed Cases:  70,861–Last 24 hours +465 | Confirmed deaths: 3,149

Currently Hospitalized: 398–Last 24 hours -6

Prince George’s County: 19,285 — Confirmed deaths:  676

Prince George’s COVID-19 Dashboard

• New Cases for Week of 6/21 –6/27:  583 —5% change

• Deaths for Week of 6/21 –6/27:  20 –+11.1 % change

Collington Dashboard

July 8, 2020 Creighton Center Residents Independent Living Residents Employees
Current Persons Under    Investigation (PUIs)-those showing symptoms consistent with COVID 000
Active Positive Cases 000
Total Positive Cases During Pandemic (Cumulative)  11213
Total Reported Negative Tests During Pandemic 65332222
Released/ Recovered from COVID 62/Apartment13
Deaths with COVID 500

Testing Team Members

  • Maryland Department of Health has issued a directive for Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings to test employees weekly.
  • Received 290 test kits Saturday, July 4th
  • MD Department of Health changing process and requirements  daily.
  • We began employee testing today, Wednesday, July 8th and will continue testing through Sunday, July 12th.
  • Private Duty Aides in the Creighton Center and Assisted Rehab team members are included in the testing. 
  • We are anticipating ongoing testing for employees to be conducted on Mondays & Tuesdays, rather than daily as previously planned, but will know more after further discussions with MD Department of Health.

Phased Reopening Update

On Campus Visitors: Independent Living (Phase 2)

  • Beginning tomorrow, Thursday, July 9th, Collington will welcome outdoor visits for Independent Living residents daily between 9:00am and 8:00pm. 
  • Visits do not need to be scheduled but we ask that the number of visitors at a time remain 2 per resident and that you try to limit the visits to an hour. 
  • Visitors for Independent Living will no longer have a health screening at the gate; they can proceed directly to their visit location.
  • Cottages and villas visiting areas will remain in front of the homes, on outdoor patios and driveways. Apartment visiting areas will remain at the outdoor area on Broadway. We are looking for additional visitation areas. 
  • At this time, the only outdoor restroom remains near the 5000 cluster. We recognize this isn’t convenient. If you need to allow a visitor into your home to use the restroom, for cottages and villas we recommend that you ask your guest to wear a mask and wipe down any high touch areas. 
  • For apartment residents, at this time we are not allowing visitors into the buildings and would direct them to the outdoor restroom area. We continue to look for other options for restrooms and hope to have more updates in the next phase of visitation reopening. 
  • The reason for limiting visitors indoor is to minimize exposure risk and as research shows, the risk increases when indoors. 
  • Please ask your guests to take their temperatures before coming on campus, remind them they always need to wear a mask and should not come on campus if they have any symptoms of illness within the previous 14 days.
  • We discourage visitors from walking on the trails or participating in outdoor activities but recognize if you need to space out for physical distancing, you may use grassy areas and the area by the lake. 

On Campus Visitors: Assisted Living

  • Assisted Living outdoor visits will have no changes at this time.
  • They will remain scheduled visits between Monday and Friday. 
  • For more information on how to schedule an outdoor Assisted Living visit, please see this week’s Courier.

Chesapeake-Nursing Home Update

  • Nursing Home (Chesapeake neighborhood) remains closed to visitors, including outdoor visitors. 
  • Hope Nevins, Health Services Administrator, is working with Maryland Department of Health, on progressing Collington into Phase 1 of the Nursing Home Reopening. 
  • More information will be shared as she works with the appropriate agencies. 
  • Shenandoah neighborhood will remain ready as a COVID unit to support any COVID positive residents in the future. 

Off Campus: Know the Risks

  • There are no security passes required for Independent Living residents to leave campus. 
  • If you are leaving campus for shopping, or activities (ie. Golfing, biking, eating at a restaurant, using a salon, visiting family, etc.) it is important be aware of the risks.
  • Being indoor increases the risk of the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Please remember to keep a journal of where you want should the information be needed for contact tracing. 

For More Information…

Ecolab Update

Ecolab Pest Elimination Services

• Starting July 20th–24thth, 2020 Ecolab will be starting the process of preventative care visits for independent resident units.

• We will start in the 1000, 1100 and 1200 districts.Residents will be contacted next week for their service window. 

• These visits will include the following:

– Entry way and window treatments

– Exterior examination for unit penetrations or possible pest entry points

– Interior inspection and treatment

– Follow up visits as needed 

• It is our goal to reach every IL unit before the end of the year.Starting in 2021, every unit will be inspected once annually

• Additional visits or pest concerns can be requested by calling security at x2020

• Ecolab will be on campus every Tuesday for service calls

Stay Well!