Covid-19 Update

Mission: creating community for older adults and all they care about inspired by
their vision for purposeful lives.
Collington COVID-19 Update
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Communication Schedule Change
There will be a written and live broadcast at 4:30pm this Friday, June 12th. Beginning next week, we will transition to a weekly update on Wednesdays, with a 4:30pm 972 broadcast and a written update. Other regular updates from the Leadership Team will be in the Courier on Fridays. If something important comes up, we will notify everyone via voice mail or email.

Phased Reopening
Collington must meet the criteria from the following to progress through the official Phased Recovery Plan:
• State of Maryland – Stay at Home Order or other state mandates set by the Governor
• Prince George’s County – Stay at Home Order or other county mandates
• Maryland Department of Health’s Office of Health Care Quality (MD DOH OHCQ) Regulations
• Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
• Infection rates and active cases (Department of Health)

As we learn more from these sources, we will continue to refine our draft
reopening plan.

Following CDC, CMS, State and County recommendations and requirements, masks are to be worn at all times when inside buildings. They should cover both your mouth and your nose. If you are outside, masks are not required. However, it is recommended that you keep a mask with you and if you come into a situation where you can’t maintain 6 feet distance between you and another person, you should then don your mask.

Maryland Outbreak Data
For additional information on COVID statistics, please visit: Confirmed Cases in the state of Maryland: 58,404 –Last 24 hours +431 Total cases/Prince George’s County: 16,523 —deaths 578

Collington Data
Below is a snapshot of the Collington infection control surveillance line listing. With the increased numbers in testing of all Creighton Center residents and Collington team members, we will no longer report pending cases.

June 9, 2020 Creighton
Current Persons Under
Investigation (PUIs)- those
showing symptoms
consistent with COVID
Active Positive Cases 203
Total Positive Cases
During Pandemic
Total Reported Negative
Tests During Pandemic
Released/ Recovered from
Deaths with COVID500

*We have residents who have died in our Creighton Center that have also tested positive for COVID-19. At this time, we have no definitive information concerning whether they have died from COVID-19, or with COVID-19, or the illness which placed them in the Creighton Center or on Hospice. Therefore, any death of a person who at the time had an active case of COVID-19 will be listed as “Deaths with COVID” on our dashboard.

Thank you for all your support in getting us to this important milestone!

Ann Gillespie, CEO

Megan Barbour, COO