Meet Collington's New Move in Coordinator: Emily Benonis

Meet Collington’s New Move in Coordinator: Emily Benonis

Ever wonder who is responsible for helping make each and every Collington apartment and cottage feel like home? That would be none other than Move-In Coordinator, Emily Benonis. Collington’s newest addition joined the team in August and couldn’t be happier in her new professional home.

Emily’s day to day consists of her working with individuals who have recently selected Collington as their new home. She spends time walking each resident through their new space and coming up with a design plan. “I work with them on how they want to renovate the kitchen, living room, we pick out samples, paint colors, countertops and flooring,” Emily says. She works with each person to make the space completely theirs and to make sure their new home is everything they dreamed it would be.

After the design process, Emily remains in contact with each future resident to keep them updated with the progress of the space and to provide emotional support. She welcomes them to come back and look at the space as it is being completed so they have the opportunity to make any additional changes.

As the point of contact for anyone moving in, Emily provides each person all of the information they need as a new resident of the Collington community. She is also responsible for organizing new resident orientation.

Though she has only been at Collington for a short time, Emily says she has already been drawn into the community. “It’s so great and exciting to be in a place filled with so much diversity and each individual has an amazing background. The residents are definitely what pulled me in,” states Emily.

Emily says the residents have welcomed her with open arms, given her the inside scoop on Collington and even invite her into their homes for design inspiration, and she could not be more grateful.

Just as the residents have welcomed her into their homes, she always welcomes residents into her home at Collington. Residents can find Emily in apartment 123 in the Design Center and her door is always open!