What Makes Collington Extraordinary?

Our Residents! Meet Our Residents

It’s easy to enjoy life when you’re surrounded by people who share your enthusiasm and positive outlook. That’s one of the intangible qualities that makes Collington so special. In fact, we have more than 30 committees as part of the Residents Association. So if you want to get involved, it’s simply a matter of finding the committee that suits your interests.

Collington residents, many of whom still pursue careers, represent a wonderfully diverse range of professions including:

  • Academics
  • Politics
  • Foreign service
  • Health services
  • Industry
  • Homemakers
  • Science
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • … and many more.

Collington and the Board of Directors all work together to create a successful and delightful senior living community that is welcoming and resident focused.

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