Life Care and Fee-for-Service

What plan suits you best?

At Collington, we understand finances play a major role in the decision about senior living. That’s why we have expanded our options to give you more choices.

Life Care: An all-inclusive plan for the future – also called “Type A Contract”

With the Life Care option at Collington, you’re assured unlimited access to nursing care—including assisted living, recuperative care, memory care and long-term care if needed—all included in your monthly fee. You can live confidently today knowing your needs will be met in the future, without any large and/or unexpected expenses for care.

Fee-for-Service: An alternative option – also called “Type C Contract”

Our Fee-for-Service option lets you enjoy the Collington independent lifestyle at a lower monthly fee. This fee includes residence services, activities and meals—keeping you in control of your finances. However, if you should need any supportive or health care services, you will pay for those services when they are used.  This plan is often a perfect complement to long-term care insurance plans.

We recommend that you consult your insurance provider, financial planner &/or tax professional to choose the best plan for you.

Collington offers a variety of financial plans for payment of your Independent Living Entrance Fee.

  • A 90% Refundable Entrance Fee.*
  • A 50% Refundable Entrance Fee.*
  • A Fully Declining (Traditional) Entrance Fee.*

Both the Life Care and Fee-for-Service contracts at Collington are offered with a choice of these three Entrance Fee plans.

A solid foundation for today and the future.

Collington is a not-for-profit community governed by the local Collington Episcopal Life Care Community Board of Directors.

*Carefully read the Residency Care Agreement for the conditions that must be satisfied before Collington is required to pay the entrance fee refund.

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