The Kendal idea fosters a culture of generosity, encouraging and developing full use of our time, talent and resources. Philanthropy has played a key role in the development of the Kendal organization. Those involved in the beginning of the first Kendal community set a tone of generosity—of spirit, of time, of talent, and of resources.

Indeed, the Kendal story began with a gift, and this spirit of generosity continues to characterize life in Collington through gifts that have made possible financial assistance for residents, capital improvements in communities, internships for students, and accumulation of charitable reserves.

You can give a gift to Collington to be used where it would be needed most, or you can designate your gift to be made to a specific fund.


Fellowship Fund

In 1984, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington granted Collington $250,000 to start a Fellowship Fund to underwrite all or part of the monthly fees for residents who are no longer able to pay their monthly fees. Thanks to support from generous donors, Collington has never asked a resident to leave because they can no longer pay their monthly fees.

Residents’ requests for financial assistance are held in strict confidence. Residents in need of Fellowship Funds may contact Collington’s Executive Director or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to request assistance from The Fellowship Fund. The CFO works with the resident to determine the level of need. The Collington Foundation’s Financial Assistance Committee considers residents’ requests for financial assistance.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund was created in 2001 by the Collington Foundation Board of Directors. This fund provides financial assistance to employees to enable them to enhance their job skills and level of education, thereby improving employee job satisfaction and increasing retention of qualified employees. A Scholarship Committee comprised of residents and staff members reviews scholarship applications several times a year and makes awards based on employees’ needs.

Music Fund

The Music Fund was established in early 2013 when a group of residents saw the need for a new piano in the Ivy Room and decided to raise funds to purchase a piano. Later in 2013, another group of residents approached The Foundation with a request to facilitate a self-supporting series of musical performances called the Candlelight Concert Series. The Foundation supports the Series by collecting donations specifically for the concerts and arranging for payments to the performers.

Future Fund

The Future Fund was created in 2013 to commemorate Collington’s 25th anniversary. It funds projects that support the general needs of Collington.



Outright Gifts of Cash or Securities

An outright gift in the form of cash or securities permits an immediate federal income tax deduction. Gifts of long-term appreciated securities may offer additional benefits. For more information regarding a gift of securities please contact Collington’s Chief Financial Officer or Beverly Grove, Director for Philanthropy – The Kendal Corporation by clicking here.

Planned Gifts

These are bequests, gifts made over a period of time, and are structured to meet your specific financial objectives while also benefiting Collington. Planned gifts can offer significant advantages of favorable income, as well as savings on capital gains and estate taxes. These options allow donors to transfer cash real estate or other assets – while in some cases retain an income from the assets for life. Please visit our Guide to Planned Giving here.

Memorial Gifts

You may wish to make a contribution in honor of someone of significance to you and the community. Perhaps it is a friend, neighbor or someone who has served the community as a board or staff member. You are welcome to make a donation online or download a printable donation form in PDF format. All gifts will be acknowledged and recognized.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many corporations match gifts to charitable institutions made by employees; some will match the gifts of employee spouses and retired employees as well. Contact your personnel office for information about your employer’s matching-gift program.

For more information regarding “Giving Options” and the advantage of planning a special gift please contact Collington’s Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, or Beverly Grove, Director for Philanthropy– The Kendal Corporation: here.



2015–2016 Collington Foundation Annual Report

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