Featured Resident of the Month – Bill Lively


Active lifestyles come in many different forms. My father used to stimulate his mind by playing the card game, Solitaire, while smoking a corncob pipe. Others listen to music; play chess and read novels. How about a challenging game of Connect Four or a long walk on the beach. Aesthetically, you can find magic and grace in the Crimson Red Crape Myrtle tree in your backyard or fishing off a pier near your home.

As you know, physical exercise is critical to your health as you get older, but mental health is proven to improve quality of life in a variety of ways. From better self-esteem to increased cognitive functioning, taking a proactive approach to social engagement and mental stimulation can result in a physical and emotional rejuvenation of your brain. Whether your life journeys you to a career as a Diplomat, Accountant, Physician, Electricians, Cherry-Picker Operator, Law Enforcement Officer, Business Owner, or Restaurateur, being socially and mentally active will, most likely, prolong your life.

Ask Collington resident, Bill Lively. Known for picturesque sights of the US Naval Academy and as the sailing capital of the world with bricked streets lined with one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants, Annapolis, Maryland is home to lifelong resident and Maryland native, Bill Lively. Although Bill frolicked in the beauty of Annapolis, he was driven to organize the world.

Here is the journey of a man who believes that acquiring new skills and motivating the mind will always help you to stay informed. Bill ran a successful engineering library in Annapolis for 26 years. In case you were wondering, an engineering library is a large reference collection of handbooks, directories and technical reports.
It was there where he discovered his passion for indexing when “messing around with the mainframe computer during the punched card era.” As a volunteer, Bill’s excursions led to areas of the world such as China, Russia, and the Czech Republic to assist in uncluttering and restoring library databases and implement an organizational system for them to utilize.
According to Bill, “Mentally provoking your mind will keep you younger longer” and people are said to be much happier when more active in the community and maintaining healthy friendships…

Having lived in Annapolis for over 40 years without ever hearing of Collington, Bill was intrigued by the postcard he received in the mail for a marketing event. He and his lovely wife, Nancy, decided to attend the wine tasting event and recalling how friendly the residents were. The Collington friend that stood out the most to them was Residency Counselor, Cory Hall. They were drawn-in immediately by Cory’s welcoming demeanor. The event gave them that instant sense of “community” they were looking for. Eight months later Collington became their new home.

Bill is involved in several committees on the Collington campus and has an intricate role in indexing the monthly publication of the Collington residents’. He serves as part of the leadership committee for the Ambassadors Program, making sure that new residents know a Collington resident (Ambassador) that shares common interests. Currently, he is a part of the members group that makes up the Auditorium Committee, whose members take turns showing the “Monday Night Movie.” Bill stands as an advisor on the Technology Committee to determine what equipment on campus needs to be updated or repaired. On Wednesday nights, he participates in a volunteer group that meets in the conference room to help fellow residents solve their computer or phone problems. His primary campus involvement lies in indexing all of the back issues of the Collingtonian – the monthly publication of the Collington residents. Having successfully indexed all of the issues from February 2012 until June 2018, Bill has said that retirement has been the best years of his life due to his interaction with the lovely residents of Collington.