Collington’s Weekend Weed Warriors – Dorothy and James Yuan


Was it a tree house? Was it carving a bike path on the trail behind your home?….Or maybe it was constructing the world’s coolest fort! (Little Brothers NOT Allowed!) Whatever innate characteristic fueled the weekend project you loved as a child; we know those traits remain consistent as part of your personality when you grow up…

Remember when your kids first realized “when we all pitch in”, a household chore took a couple hard-working weekends, not “foreeeeeever Dad”.

One mind is powerful. A team of minds is limitless! What our children see as impossible, we say “watch and see”. Dorothy and James Yuan can only imagine what their team of fellow Collington residents would accomplish pulling a few more weeds or a couple minutes with pruning shears on the Collington classic walking trails.
The Yuan’s take their roles at Collington very seriously as Collington Weekend Weed Warriors! You see, Dorothy and James boldly stake their claim as part of the Collington Weekend Weed Warriors; a committee of residents who meet for a few hours every Saturday to maintain the scenic walking trails by clearing vines, branches, and dead or overgrown trees. Each Saturday, weather permitting, the Yuan’s retreat from their home at Collington and, within minutes, stroll onto trails stretching through more than two miles of wooded and lakeside paths on Collington’s 125-acre campus. At Collington, many residents continue to pursue professional careers while others find differing outlets to express their personalities.
After seeing a continuing care retirement community advertisement in the New Yorker for Collington nearly two years ago, Dorothy and James were destined to move to the Washington, D.C. area, where their children and grandchildren reside. During their tour of the grounds, the Yuan’s walked through Collington’s woodlands. They were drawn to the beautiful outdoor landscapes, the 2-mile walking path, and the easy accessibility by metro into the city. Unlike most CCRCs in and around the city, grounds surrounding Collington’s are woodlands instead of high-rise buildings.

Remaining consistent with their strong work ethic, the Yuan’s recognize then impact the Weekend Weed Warriors can have on the entire community. Prior to retirement, the Yuan’s lived in Dallas, Texas, with Dorothy working as a facility member at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and James employed as an engineer for Texas Instruments. Over the last few years, the committee has grown, but the mission of the Weed Warriors preserving the grounds and trails remains the same.
By doing something they love everyday, we all enjoy the fruits of the Yuan’s labor. Collington also has a portion of land designated for residents to grow vegetables and herbs and fresh flowers that volunteers display weekly on all the dining tables. In addition to the Weekend Weed Warriors, Dorothy oversees a resident book club and volunteers at the Collington residents-maintained library and convenience store. James meticulously grows various Chinese vegetables. (Hey – love that Bok Choy, Water Spinach and Cabbage.
Savor the woodlands surrounding Collington. Dorothy and James realize that our sum is greater than our parts. We are givers, giving back to the communities where we live and work. And most of all, we are a team. Thanks to all our selfless volunteers like Dorothy and James, our Collington grounds remain charming