Opening of New Dining Venue Slated for February

Construction of a new Bistro dining area at Collington will give residents new and more varied dining options. The Bistro is just one facet of the project, which also includes renovating the current dining room, improving its acoustics and enhancing views of nearby Lake Collington.

Collington’s 2013 strategic plan identified a new dining venue as a priority several years ago because of limited space in the current kitchen and the rapid growth in the number of residents on Collington’s suburban Washington, D.C., campus since the community’s affiliation with Kendal in June 2011. With residential occupancy growing from roughly 64 percent in 2011 to 93.6 percent in August, the expansion of dining facilities couldn’t be more timely. The number of meals served each year at Collington has increased by 21 percent from 2012 to 2016.

Plans for the expansion of dining facilities at Collington grew out of extensive conversations with residents about what they were looking for in a new dining venue. Those discussions generated three rounds of conceptual drawings, followed by a final presentation of concepts to residents and staff.

Below are an architect’s rendering of the interior of the Bistro, a recent construction photo taken from the same perspective, and the redesigned floor plan with the new Bistro dining area on the right.

Bistro rendering


Bistro construction photo


Bistro floorplan